Berkshire Hathaway 1994 Annual Meeting Audience Question # 51

Warren explains why he won’t comment on anything that Berkshire owns

Warren Buffett:

Zone 2 now. Well, I don’t know where zone 2 is, but we’ll…

Audience Member:

Do you feel basically the same about your investment in Guinness now as when you made the investment, in terms of the company?

Warren Buffett:

Well, I wouldn’t like to comment on anything that we own, in terms of how we rate them as desirability or anything. I mean, whether it’s Coke or Gillette or anything that… we made decisions at a given time, at a given price, which you can figure out by looking at our purchases.

But we may be buying or selling any of those securities right as we talk. And we simply don’t think it’s in the interest of Berkshire shareholders as a group to be talking about things that we could be buying or selling.

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